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Top 10 city trips

What are the most beautiful cities in Europe for a city trip by plane? We selected our own top 10 most beautiful European cities, which beautiful in spring, summer, autumn and winter. All cities are full of classic sights, ambience and historic splendour. Maybe we give you some ideas for your next


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it is located on the east of the country in the Sjælland region. With about half a million inhabitants, about one tenth of all Danes live in the capital city, making it the economic center of Denmark. Whoever visits Copenhagen will notice that,


My trip to Budapest In August 2016, I went to Budapest with three friends and I would like to tell you all what I have done and been through. So let’s start with some general information. Budapest is the capital of Hungary, making it the country’s economic and cultural center. It

Zakynthos island

Zakynthos is the third largest Greek Island in the Ionian Sea, located in the south west of Greece. At Zakynthos you will find many cozy old villages, beautiful beaches, clear seawater and steep rocky walls. Zakynthos is rich in nature and is famous for the ‘Caretta Caretta’ turtle. In southern coastal towns,

Eurovision Song Contest

The first and second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 have come to a close. Ten acts from each Semi Final have gone through to Saturday’s Grand Final and join the so-called ‘Big Five’ — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom — and Host Country, Ukraine. The